Leadership is the art of motivating people to act towards achieving a common goal. It requires trust, respect, and understanding of a group to its leader to surpass big rocks along the way. Nevertheless, being a leader does not guarantee of pure triumph, there will be sacrifices and hurdles one might think survival is far from reach. 

Aerlowe Suarez Relatorres is a real estate agent and the founder of ASR Realty and Brokerage Co. with 6 brokers and 100 agents, admitted that it was never his plan to venture in the real estate industry. He was just accompanying and helping his wife during site visits before when he saw the opportunity and potential earnings of the properties. By then, Aerlowe did not waste his time and started the realty endeavor here and there. It took 3 months before he shot his first sale due to a lack of prospects here in Cebu since he was not originally from the city. Aside from market connections, rough times kicked Aerlowe right on his knee when he was also considered as far from trustworthy and accountability deficient by the people who saw him no differently from his past. “Ang pag tan aw pod sa akoa mga kaila nako is not really someone na masaligan kay pabuyag gyud ko sauna during my call center years, tanan final warning akoa nana naagihan”, said Relatorres. One can not always change the perception of another but one can control how one shall act from the fall. Aerlowe changed his mindset and decided to look for people who see pass through his history and started to sell his properties instead.

Aches from the bend, paved Aerlowe to pull off sales months after. Success came foot on foot but it, later on, became traffic. He could not get enough of the positive come back of his journey that he then accelerated to the next level and challenged himself more. True to be told, Aerlowe left his job to maximize his full potential in real estate in an undivided time. He stressed that he ground the workload, day and night with zero rests. As he was striving through blood and sweat, Aerlowe has always been reminded of rejections and frustrations he had to endure before he tasted victory. Looking back, the realtor is in-depth joy knowing he chose to rise against all obstacles than just let go of the chance that could have slipped in his hands a long time ago. For Aerlowe, it was never a piece of luck that resulted from a coin dropped in a wishing well, it was certainly discipline, hard work, and strategy. 
Equipped with all the things he gained from the rough rail, Aerlowe built his own company named after himself the ASR Realty and Brokerage Co. A group of licensed real estate professionals who are driven and have a strong outlook on doing more in the industry. “We always put our clients’ best interests,” Aerlowe said. ASR prioritize clients’ documents for housing application in banks and Pag-IBIG housing loan.

Aerlowe with all the success in his palms is now challenged with new bumps to face. As an agent, he said being not complacent after receiving bulk commission checks and staying hungry for growth is one of the tests he has to conquer each leap of accomplishment in his realty career. However, Aerlowe is not motivated by competition but rather proving someone wrong. On the other hand, being the chief of the operation brings Aerlowe a task in making his members be better and also goes with how he manages his time for family. ASR owner is just glad he is with a wife that supports his life goals no matter what. 

One of the best experiences of being a realtor, Aerlowe will never forget his first year in the industry where he bagged the second place among the 5000 agents nationwide. The momentum made him realize that he is making a mark in the industry, “Real estate is for me, I can make it and be successful in here,” said Aerlowe. He also added that he is been grateful in every victory and graceful in each defeat. The realtor would also like to share with others the things that keep him fueled in his endeavor: learn from the rejections; never get discouraged; never give up. 

As one of the professionals thriving in the real estate Philippines’ industry, Aerlowe said that that biggest reality revolution is here in Cebu. According to the ASR head, it is quite evident in the volume of sellers and how three-tower condominium projects are sold in just a week. Aerlowe further explained that he does not see any signs of slowing down soon. The bridges being built and reclamation roads are one of the factors why people invest in real estate and buy properties in the area. 

Aerlowe also shared his advice for buyers, sellers or anyone who is in the real estate industry:

It helps when you do your research.

Conducting thorough research about the area and the developer will help buyers be confident in paying the house’ down payment even if one is yet to live in the unit.

Give credit to the efforts of the agents. 

One should be grateful to the professional individuals who sell one’s projects. Real estate agents help one succeed in business. Aerlowe said that agents exert effort rain or shine just to make things happen. He said that he was once in their shoes and he can’t help but feel disheartened to those who treated unfairly. All Aerlowe is trying to emphasize is that the real estate agents are the prime mover in the process. They are the front-liners who know the market weather and the cost it demands.

Aerlowe who was once doubted and judged by his mistakes proved everyone that errors of the past do not define a person who strives to be better today. Real estate awakens the leader that was kept inside and now making him to motivate others to move beyond borders.

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