Bruce Kenneth Sy, a licensed real estate broker and Senior Business Development Manager at Eton Properties Group Shanghai China has one advice to all the young ones who are planning to be in the real estate industry-take the opportunity. This successful career man is encouraging new breed realtors to take advantage of the current status of real estate and use it to establish one’s network in the said field. According to him, now is the best time to expand horizons and start to work for investments that are worth it.

Since 2015, Sy is a certified licensed broker but has only been more active starting 2018  since he was working with a commercial developer by then. Working with several commercial and residential developers both in the Philippines and in China, Bruce usually deals with clients for residential projects, condominiums and commercial real estate like offices and retail spaces. He added that offering property management services is part of his forte as well. 

Bruce personally believes that real estate is a good investment considering the trend in prices today. Furthermore, real estate in the Philippines is growing now due to the tax reform, the current administration’s Build Build Build, infrastructure programs and the promotion of sustainable tourism. These factors shape the current and future market.

Smooth sailing does not make a good sailor, take it from Bruce who admitted that there are challenges a broker must overcome along the way and the main one will always be matching leads with the right property. Henceforth, here are Bruce’ insights and thoughts in his 10 years in the real estate industry. 

As a real estate broker, it should be your main responsibility to make sure that the property you are offering is really what they need, and not always what they want.

Buyers have set a checklist in looking for a property. Usually, they based it  on a lifestyle, definite proximity, security, etc.. A broker, on the other hand, is an expert of the process inside and out, knows the current market that avoids overpricing tendencies, has access to listings and most all there is a certain diligence on necessary papers to be prepared. Undeniably, brokers have a wide familiarity of properties of today than a common purchaser.  Sometimes a buyer identifies what the wants and left out the needs, and that is where the responsibility of the broker takes place, making the clients see better options. 

Being a  broker is offering a long term service to your clients, and not just a one time deal.

This is not one of those deals that end in a clean-close after a meet-up. The brokerage service is a long term committing transactions along negotiations abiding process to settle with. Patience is a virtue for both the broker and the buyer. Complexity is in every sector, that is why brokers support and interact in facilitating. If a broker builds trust along the way, clients will be of great comfort to seek help more and more in the future. 

There’s this saying that the best time to buy real estate will always be 5 years ago, but the next best time is now. 

It’s time to start looking for that best property of own choice and let go of those ‘should have bought’ in the past.  Real estate in the Philippines has a variety of housings with many available ways of applying for loans such as Pag-IBIG housing on sale and foreclosed properties. Five years ago may have felt the universe is out of hand but now one may reach the place of one’s dream without worries through listings available online, legit brokers and agents to start with.

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