Doing what one loves, spurs happiness within the self but finding that sense of satisfaction in working career may not be just a walk in the park. There is this quote that represents the idea, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” with everything it clearly presents, this is the excitement of waking up in the morning to head to one’s office with zero annoyance of long line for coffee and skin to skin commuting. Sacrifices and risks may not be avoidable but there is nothing more courageous of a person who fights for what one truly desires. 

Mark Anthony David is a real estate agent who first gambled in the industry in June 2018. He jumped his way to property-selling while he was hustling in his full-time job. “Real estate is my part-time job but is earning more than my full-time work,” Mark revealed. Although the profit overwhelms him, he said that this is not the only reason why he will completely shift soon to real estate. He fell in love in the industry and found happiness in his developed passion. While waiting for his Pag-IBIG housing loan, Mark decided to stay in his current employment in the meantime.

Like most people who wander about certain paths, Mark also experienced questioning himself. “There were times I had asked myself is my current job works for me? Is this where I should be? What is there that I should see, where I can grow as my real self, my real passion?” these tough wringers in his head walked him out of the bubble and fortunately a friend break out his thoughts in considering a real estate career. Mark then tried his card with Bachelors’ Realty and Brokerage which is mediated as one of the realty firms that applies modern techniques of client hunting, prospecting, a new approach of selling properties, having a good vision to its networks, clients and according to Mark, treating each one of the members as family. Started in 2013, BRB is also known for providing detailed and informative ways of moving properties for better realty services.

Fortune was on Mark’s side when he closed his first sale just 3 days after he joined the real estate orientation. His start-up did not seem to be a soft stamp but rather a supersonic trailing its road to fruitful gain. Mark felt the unity and harmony of BRB, where everyone is helping one another. He then proudly shared the group’s cheer and this is called #teambachelors. The enthusiasm motivated Mark to continue his newly found place in the real estate industry. Mark also added that he is working his way to be an official realty broker soon.

With the sweet victory, he is blessed to indulge in, some challenges test Mark’s scale in his knack. “I could say that my greatest challenge now is the growing population of the People in the Market,” said Mark. Accedes him, day by day his competitors are multiplied in numbers. The business world as one knows it, hunters for trade development is unstoppable. Mark eyeing for market survival always asks himself on how to be on top of the line knowing he is still making a name in the mob. The eagerness led him to learn more about the skin-deep of real estate in terms of sales quantity and the techniques in increasing one’s prospects, potential clients and closed deals.

Hard as it gets, Mark never felt that he runs out of fuel in achieving more, especially when he received his first paycheck. Mark quoted to it as ‘remarkably insane’. He could not believe his eyes off from how much he was earning. Plus, it was just only an incentive coming from his first sale. The real estate agent shared that for 2 years with as much as the experience he got, he learned that it is harder to find buyers for condominium brokerage properties than of the house & lot and townhouses. Mark does not have much focus on brokerage, as he prefers selling projects. Furthermore, most population of buyers in brokerage is looking for a house and lot, and commercial buildings.

Mark’s advice for his co-sellers, is to not be envious with the success of one’s colleague. One must keep going and learn to know what is the best approach one should do to in appointments and most of all sensitivity in handling clients. 

The Philippines, specifically Cebu have abundance in developments undeniably. For a real estate agent like Mark, the progress aligns with the needs of the country’s people. Mark in his facebook post he cited, “Buildings in Cebu are like mushrooms, the next morning you will see, there is another one popping up.”

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