The non-fiction book written by Malcolm Gladwell entitled ‘The Story of Success’ repeatedly mentions the “10,000-hours rule” claiming that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill is by practicing the craft for literally about 10,000 hours. However, this is considered as one hot debate for many have doubts and disagreements of such claim. In the real estate industry, there is more to the business than selling properties again and again. Sales are not just a barter of money and the unit nor meeting a quota, it also includes the realtors’ in-depth values in offering services to the clients before and after the deal closes. It is a kind of character-building that lasts more than 10,000 hours.

Once a college student who sells beauty and health products to her schoolmates, Gina Navarro never dreamed of upscaling her little selling business to bigger valuables like properties especially she perceived real estate as a tough trade and she did not see herself having a realty career, to begin with. She is a graduate of Business Administration Major in Marketing Management, she then worked at a net communication company as an Account Officer for a year and a half. Later on, one of her friends encouraged her to apply to a real estate developer. Having no idea what fate holds for her, all Gina wanted that time was a new working environment to start over. It eventually went clear, when she was hired as a Direct Marketing Officer of Camella Homes Cebu. Gina knew from there on, that was the start of her real estate career whom she never expected to happen. 

Her newly found venture served as her training ground as to how real estate comes at play in the business. The first run may have been deviating for Gina but the company assured she never missed a thing in each step. “At first, I thought I can’t survive. I find it difficult. The interactions of the clients, quotas and a lot of rejections. With the help of my Sales’ head and colleagues, I was able to learn the techniques in selling and master the basics from inquiry to closing,” she narrated. Indeed one can determine if it is the right company when everybody in the workplace is trying to help you than integrating toxic competition. For three years, Gina has been practicing her skills incorporated with techniques she learned from her experiences in the field.

The year 2016, she passed the brokerage exam. For almost seven years in the real estate industry, Gina finds love in serving her clients’ needs and seeing them happy as she walks them to their suitable properties. The job gives her a sense of fulfillment. In the present, being a professional licensed Real Estate Broker, she is affiliated with Orion’s Gate Realty. A brokerage company started in 2015 when the lead broker and sole proprietor of the realty Aldren D. Ditan, passed the brokerage exam. During the same year, he registered the company. At that time, Gina was his Real Estate Salesperson. “We were only a few people who started in the company, we find it hard at first since the company was still establishing, we’re on our 4th year and thank God the company is growing and we hit our targets,” Gina said. She added that the company is always welcome to all sellers who want to be part of the team. 

Orion Gate Realty got its name from a constellation which indicates the hunter in Greek mythology. Gina shared that this serves as their company’s spiritual chant in seeking many closed deals with excellent customer service and to provide solutions to all home seekers. Living the name and principles of the team, they are willing to train real estate professionals and help them achieve their personal goals. “We are a company you can trust, we are transparent especially when it comes to giving a commission. Our company makes sure that all sales agents are given a fair share because that’s what they deserve. We offer a higher commission rate to all full-time agents compared to other brokerage firms, the company provides marketing support during mall exhibits and site man,” Gina explained the benefits of being part of OGR. 

Being a real estate broker, dealing with diverse personalities has always been one of Gina’s challenges. “You can’t choose your clients”, Gina stated. Despite the hurdle, she said realty service entails an understanding of the client’s needs, solves their problems and delivers a thorough excellent professional help. Managing time to call for clients’ feedback, securing all the necessary details even with zero response, being updated of all upcoming projects that will rise in Cebu City are also part of the hustle. Quite a handful but these will keep clients satisfied and flare referrals. 

Gina considers the real estate industry as one of the toughest jobs but a rewarding one. Harking back to one of her most unforgettable experiences as a real estate broker, she learned that the client’s trust is the chief factor in the business when a prospective buyer decided to reserve the unit even if the mother was not approved of the property merely because it’s located uphill. With the purpose and sincerity in her job, Gina explained in her very best the complete house details and the amenities. Still, the client’s mother insisted not to pursue the reservation. In spite of the contradiction, the buyer chose to believe in Gina and called her to push through with the reservation. “When she saw the actual house and location, she was happy with the property she invested,” Gina said.

The rising brokerage firms in the real estate Philippines opened opportunities for people like Gina, to develop the passion and interest in selling estates. “Many successful sellers who gain much in this business and able to invest also on their properties. A lot of inventories to sell especially today many developers open vertical and horizontal projects in the market,” she explained. Gina encourages everyone to invest in Cebu real estate as it is one of the fast-growing cities in the Philippines. She also pointed out how the tourist influx contributes to the property marketers and the whole economy. Gina shared her pieces of advice to sellers and buyers. According to her, one must be vigilant of the scams crawling in the industry. Since buying a property is a longtime commitment, it involves a big amount of money and one must only trust licensed real estate professionals. For the sellers, brokers, and agents, Gina wants to fortify the inspiration to never mind the rejections and obstacles along the journey. “Dream big and believe in yourself. Success will follow,” Gina quoted. 

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