The course of real estate selling is evolving each time. Significant changes are relied on to different factors like attracting the right buyers and present a property that will garner competitive offers. The traditional selling method goes only by how the salesperson convinces buyers of the place’ amenities and why the investment is worth it. Today, consumers are more in control of accessing and processing information that will lead them to make decisions on their own timelines and criteria. The modern way of selling turns out to be more engaging to buyers where sellers present solutions to problems they are facing. Technological resources brought the real estate Philippines industry lavished by connecting more people. It is a great medium for all brokers and agents to be at a constant pace.

Nicknamed as the City of Pines and considered as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, Baguio City has always been known and admired for its naturally beautiful landscape. Who would not want to live and indulge the city endowed with multitudes of historical, cultural, cool mountain weather and fascinating tourist attractions that makes it mysteriously interesting, profound and timeless? Like other developing cities in the Philippines, Baguio City is also progressing in the real estate industry. One of the city’s pride in realty brokerage is Gerardo “Geej” Masadao, a licensed real estate broker who ventured the business since the year 1991. When he was in college, Geej saw his mother who was an accountant at that time, was making more money in realty brokerage as a sideline. It inspired him to get into brokerage right from thereon.

Geej who was just a young gentleman followed his guts and started his own proprietorship in 1992. He named the brokerage ‘Pinescent Realty’ for people to remember that Baguio City once smelled like Pine. A dominant tree species in the city that reaching up to 30–35 m tall with a straight, cylindrical trunk. The bark is thick and dark brown, with deep longitudinal fissures.

Pinescent Realty started in 1992 when unfortunately it did not pull off at first, since it was after the strong earthquake that lashed the city. But just like a strong tree that managed to survive, the brokerage was then officially established in 1994 when Geej sold a property to one of the leading real estate companies in the country, Ayala Land, Inc. for their first project in Baguio City. His single proprietorship caters to different real estate brokerages but as for Geej, he is more on the middle to higher-end bracket properties. Real estate brokers  have their own strength that makes their brokerages stand out to buyers. For Geej, he believes that integrity should come with efficiency. Being a real estate broker, meeting different types of clients served him many good friends. He even added that his customers who are now his comrades, know his family members as well. “I do not treat them as some ‘money-making machines’ and I never do pressure selling at all,” Geej said. His principle in handling his clients with honesty led him to mark his first big leaps in the business. Aside from closing a sale with Ayala Land, Inc. at a young age, he was also the National Director (2002) and Vice-President for Luzon (2003) in their league of the Philippine Association of Realtors Boards, Inc. (PAREB).

Twenty-eight years in the real estate industry, Geej must have mastered the different approaches and techniques in property selling but he himself acknowledged that today’s greatest challenge is the younger competitors who are more tech-savvy and good maneuvers of the most used medium in this generation, the internet. Geej observed that almost all buyers now are turning online for properties. He also added that young realtors today can easily build a network compared to his time when he had to initiate rapport with a lot of people. Geej conferred that the market has practically been superb through the years thus, brokers knowing the latest trends and future developments in the different localities would be a great advantage in guiding clients properly with their investments. Networking through co-brokers and realty associations, promotional aids, webpages, and social media particularly Facebook are the means where realtors can keep up in the current climate of the market.

Having a realty career motivates Geej to always be a good steward in life. Getting to  know people and visiting places are his main fulfillment in his job. His advice for buyers, sellers, and fellow brokers to cautiously choose reputable people when it comes to making deals to protect one’s investments. “Buyer, seller or co-broker. Any of those mentioned can cheat you if you are not careful,” Geej’s friendly reminder.

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