In the  world of real estate, careers like brokers, agents, developers and other work forces are the main key players of housing and property realm. These  individuals are known for their skills in client management, project coordination and intensive vision in providing high quality services to be extended for the end users’ needs. While being on the spot of making a living in real estate, one may have wondered what were their aspirations before taking a step in the industry, do they usually hold certain papers full of listings or blue prints? Or somehow those hands once dribbling a ball eyeing for a champ shot, perhaps holding a kitchen knife for a gourmet afternoon or simply writing words, not for a lease agreement but for those who see the same sky at night.

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Cebu Normal University, Je Ycong has always been passionate about writing, be it in journalism, a poem, a travel blog, or anything under the sun. He was even into filmmaking during his school years. Je being an innate artist, is also a visionary person who monitors his progress and make sure it’s happening in the first place.

The colorful-spirited lad belongs to a family of real estate practitioners, where one of his siblings has been in the industry since 2012. Quite far from what he first loved to do, Je then was taught the idea of putting his career in the field of realty. “I never really saw it coming. The 15 year old me didn’t see myself working in this business in 6 years time, nor the 9 year old me. I never did really have it all figured out. I have really wanted to be a  journalist, I studied to be a journalist, I aspired to be a journalist,”Je narrated. He said that reality check, start-ups in the media do not get paid big time and usually end up needing the support to someone to fend to. It was then an unfortunate realization that  led Je to enter the business fully in a wide open door. His hype intensified when he was just in revel, a few months after graduation when his sister asked him to make her a website and to be the social media manager of the pages. While working, Je saw the rampant profit in the real estate business because of the overwhelming demand of properties. Right from where he was seated, he knew he should not let the opportunity slide. 

Je is part of GGM Real Estate Developer that has been running for two years and a half now. GGM  recognized as developer-dealer, sells and develops subdivision lots in many parts of Cebu. The company materializes units with amenities and gives freedom to the buyers to construct their own home at their own time and effort. Compared to house and lots, and condos, GGM observed that commercial, beach, and residential lots although more expensive have greater value since they have more potential for market price appreciation in the future. According to the young realtor, one does not need to be extremely rich to invest in real estate. The company makes it available and affordable for minimum wage earners.

Being twice to thrice younger than his clients, Je is quite challenged in building his credibility. With the possible hazards in the business world, real estate is not an exemption to scams, frauds, deception and more.  There are even clients who are hesitant to first timers. “Truth to be told, it’s easier for older people to build credibility with their many collected experiences in the past years. When you’re young, you’re easily recognized as a startup, a neophyte who is still learning the ropes,” said Je. He is currently catching up the pulse in the industry and learning more to improve the quality of his service. 

Handling clients for Je are one of the highlights he can never forget when it comes to testing his ground. “Today you have the kindest and the most understanding client and tomorrow you’ll be facing the exact opposite. You can never be prepared sometimes and you learn patience the hard way,” Je quoted. As for him, one can certainly experience the best and worst extent of human behavior.

Investments ensure the present and future long-term financial security. For someone who is in-the-know of real estate schemes, Je is a firm believer that investing one’s money in properties is a strategy one must consider. “Most banks have 0.25% per annum while properties can get twice as expensive in a matter of one year”, he explained. Real estate Philippines has a high demand for properties and rentals which makes the industry as one of the most productive businesses for quite some time now. As the value of properties increases higher each year, all buyers and sellers alike need to invest at the earliest time possible, Je stressed. He further added that buying land is a lifetime investment that family generations can inherit in the future. “It’s the only product that outlives us all,” says Je. 

That ‘perfect time’ to buy a house might have been blown 10 years ago but no one had the chance to travel back in the past, all one has is the present. He encourages buyers to invest in real estate with due diligence in choosing property, while one still has the capacity. As for his co-sellers, one must learn to practice patience and persistence in the realty business, after all, this field is as tough as the other paths in the world. It will also be best to choose developers who can materialize their projects. Along with it, good sportsmanship as for Je is one of the essentials in building a name in the industry. Facing the same struggles should build a culture of empathy rather than imposing the crab mentality. “Don’t trade trust over money, you have to start building credibility and everything else will follow,” he said. 

As the years go by, more and more property developments will pave its way to a progressive real estate Philippines. This also means more career opportunities for those who aim to develop their growth in the field. The young realtor has advice to the future real estate career-driven individuals. Fulfillment is far beyond the best thing one can gain more than the monetary aspect, building connections, friendships and business partnerships that no amount of penny can devalue. Real estate is a bright future where the sea of opportunities awaits. Je back then never knew where he will be today. Maybe art was never a shift, it may have been always there inside him, but just in another form. “If real estate has given you a spark inside then GO FOR IT,” said Je.

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