Real Estate Broker Noel Fernandico from Cagayan de Oro, was an 11-year Credit Card Sale’s Agent affiliated with a multi-national bank. In 2011, he immersed into brokerage and took the opportunity to be part of the history as one of the first batches to take the Real Estate Broker board exam. The year after, he met two people who changed his life forever. One would be his future partner Joy Madrid and the other is a top-seller Salesperson Roel Cabantac who discussed to him a partnership in a realty firm. From that day on, Noel never thought they would end up as long-term friendships and great business allies. 

Noel is now affiliated with CDO Brokers and Associates, a brokerage that mainly focuses on subdivision project selling. He admits that he was one of a rookie Real Estate broker with two veteran colleagues when they started the business. But even with career timeline differences, Noel is happy to say that their company never established hierarchy. Brokers and agents are in the equal ground. “We are all friends working together to achieve our group and personal goals,” Noel said.

During the run of his realty profession, Noel realized that time is a limited resource. “No matter how one budget time, man only has 24 hrs ’till the next day comes. Where a broker has to deal with personal life together with professional demands, that 24 hrs may not be enough,” he explained. For him, it has been a constant fight of priorities and standing by his commitments. Noel accepts the possible circumstance of missed opportunities. However, he is still grateful to the technology advancement for it helps in lessening shortcomings. Online ads, for example, attracts customers even when realtors are asleep. 

For some, having a record-breaking sales could leave a mark in any realtor. For Noel, one devastating day in Cagayan de Oro called him for something more. CDO experienced the worst flood in their place’s history that took 2,000 lives. Amid its aftermath, a billion-worth flood control project was conceptualized, funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. During the planning phase, a JICA representative set a meeting with Noel to have him as a resource person in the said project. The discussion went primarily in dealing with affected families and establishments. Noel was glad that as a real estate practitioner, he was able to contribute to their community by seeing the project implementation while his suggestions were reflected basely in handling the afflicted residents.

As Noel’s journey as real estate broker paves until today, according to him real estate Philippines is still a working-progress when it comes to development. Although there are certainly plenty of opportunities in the industry. He believes that the momentos progress of the industry will come knocking right at the door anytime soon. The online technique is one way to push the potential market but Noel suggested that one has to be where people converge to be noticed. He is also starting his own website that will serve as a go-to site for the people in Cagayan de Oro for properties. 

CDO Brokers and Associates is known for A Brown Co. Inc. projects. Subdivisions in Butuan, Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental, and Cagayan de Oro are the main scope of their brokerage. The brokers and agents of CDO Brokers are like a specialist of ABCI projects, however, Noel said they give equal importance to other developers in the area.

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