Each individual has their definition of success. May it be embodied through the fulfillment of building a family, personal attainment or developmental goal. However, victory does not come in a snap. There are several hurdles along the way that might give anyone reasons to back down. Despite the challenges, one must also face the things that make one to keep going.

A farmer, a barber, a driver, and now a real estate broker, anyone would have asked Gerardo Azures “Gerry” Bustamante of how he managed to surpass all the big rocks in his journey toward success. Gerry is the eldest of 4 siblings. Coming from an underprivileged family with no permanent address, he felt the weight of the world at an early age. He was just starting high school when life was in the worst state for Gerry’s household. His parents separated and their family was completely divided as he and his youngest brother lived with their father in Quezon Province and her other two sisters were with his mother in Lobo Batangas. The incident may have tested Gerry’s motivation in pursuing his dreams but the eagerness to accomplish school led him to move forward.

Gerry with his hard work and a brave heart did everything to sustain his education. He planted rice and hand-picked banana buds to earn money to support his schooling. He then finished high school and decided to take two college courses. Gerry took BS Marine Transportation in Philippine Merchant Marine School Las Pinas in 1995. His everyday routine was going to school from 7 am to 12 noon, 1 pm-7 pm he works as a barber and then drives a tricycle from 8 pm to 12 midnight. Some college students in his time would have enjoyed the rest of the day after school but for Gerry, every second that he earns counts more than any happy hour. 

In the year 2011, he took his second course, BS Computer Science at Colegio de Porta Vaga in Patindig Araw, Imus Cavite to qualify for a real estate broker licensure exam in 2014. “The barber became a real estate broker. Must it was proven that if there’s a will, there’s a way,” Gerry said. He is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Real Estate Brokers Cavite Chapter 2019 and also an upcoming Vice President for External Affairs for 2020.

Before he took the licensure exam in 2014, he started his pre-real estate career in 2006 at Profriends under the Daboss group headed by his loyal customer in barber shop Honesto Rodriquez. From being a Sale’s Agent, Unit Manager until he became the Branch Manager, the company has seen his passion and determination in selling properties. After he passed the exam to be a professional real estate broker, he eventually started his brokerage which he named BGA Realty in July of 2014. BGA Realty is into project selling focusing in Cavite. The brokerage company has its official website www.bgarealtyhomes.com for buyers to access available listings online. 

As the head of BGA Realty, he always ensures that his team is dealing with clients with the best of their abilities for full satisfaction of their realty services and hopefully lead to more referrals. Gerry as a real estate broker admits that it has been a challenge in helping the implementation of the Real Estate Service Act (RESA) law to a vast number of colorum realtors. But even with the tough role he has now and the experiences he endured in his past, made him the best version of himself. Being a real estate broker brought a huge impact in his life, the people around him and the society he belongs to.

Gerry advised buyers to deal only with licensed professionals and invest now considering the positive growth of real estate Philippines. He would also like to encourage brokers, agents, and other realty practitioners to love the profession, build one’s brand name and most of all to comply with the law.

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  1. You’re such an admirable man with a vision and determination..
    Keep it up.
    Wishing u more success & happiness in life as well as in your real
    estate career.
    Warmest regards!
    CRB Charrie Trias – REBAP LMP Chapter

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my story, I really love the idea of sharing this kind of success story to inspired and touch the lives of others. Just keep on sharing doing what you have started I’m sure you will help others to succeed. Thank you to the author and admin of the flatx Realty especial mention to Ms Rena Mae Gotocano for pushing me to answer all the questions she gave me. Thank you so much.
    You may keep in touch with me Tru http://www.bgarealtyhomes.com

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