A mother is considered as the light of the family. She makes sure her children eat three times a day, wears them clothes and helps them prepare for school. She is also a wife. Supports his husband in striving for the family living, and being a life partner through sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. But before having the fulfillment of building a family, she is also an individual who aims for career growth and personal contentment. Holding two lines at the same time may be unbearable, but how one could manage both in a handful of strengths? Maybe because, not all heroes wear a cape, some are wearing an apron while selling houses even.

From the “Sugat Capital of the South” Minglanilla, Cebu, Corazon dela Peña, married and a mother of six children, is a property consultant and a realty agent at Mavildu Reality for 6 years. Mavildu Realty Cebu is a company that focuses on providing services to clients who are looking for residential and commercial properties and also extending marketing services to local homebuyers and investors. The team’s professional and friendly agents have been helping people since February of 2014. Mavildu caters to their clients’ diverse needs, from buying or renting homes to selling properties. Sensitivity to the marketplace hypes the company’s primary perspective which for them, “Cebu is more than just a market, it’s our home”.

Corazon is a consistent awardee of Mavildu Top 10 Excellent Realty Agents. Receiving such an award is the fruit of all her hard work in reaching sales quota and dealing with clients with different attitudes. “Mga clients nga lain-lain ug kinaiya need gyud ug patience,” said Corazon. Indeed not every client is a sugar plum, there will always be a taste of different flavors in doing business. Surely Corazon deserved the bacon by handling them all well. Corazon said that she chose this field since she finds delight in helping people find their home and also the kicks of selling. Being a real agent is not as light as a feather but she enjoys dealing with different kinds of people and going places with various projects. Corazon in her first months in the industry was able to sell a house and lot worth 7 million. 

Real estate brokers and agents now, are into diverse and dynamic marketing strategies to catch up with the latest trends in property selling. Corazon apperceives the competition in the business within her co-sellers and other brokerages that grow in numbers in just one sleep. She noticed the effectiveness of an online platform for listings and potential client huntings. However, whatever the medium is being used, agents should know their own strategy and stick to it to provide high-quality service. She also added that sellers must be an expert to the properties one is putting in the market, at the end of the run, trust must be established.

The responsibilities of a realty salesperson are just on one side of her shoulder, because above all, with the snowball-like demands from her job, she also has to manage her duties as a mother and a wife. “It is a constant fight against stress when you try to balance your time, as a realtor, a mother, and a wife too. But having 6 children to take care of shouldn’t stop me from getting the career I want. If you can get the best of both worlds? then why not,” said the realtor mom. For Corazon, juggling both tasks is possible especially if one sees the fulfillment it gages one after the other. According to her, all one should do is to determine one’s priorities, have patience in the process, and adjust expectations. Knowing what comes first is one of the main tips on the road to becoming a great realtor and the best mom to one’s children.

Gleene Irish dela Peña, the eldest among six children of Corazon appreciates her mother’s un-ending hard work for their family. “She’s vocal about having quite a hard time balancing her work as an agent and as a parent. Real Estate agents’ time of work is really demanding since they don’t usually handle their schedules rather they are mostly dependent on their clients. Nonetheless, her hard work and dedication made her an effective agent and at the same time a great mother,” said Irish. She understands the maze of the realty world that sometimes time is not under her control but despite that, her mother is always hands on to the family.

Corazon’s humble advice to families who are still looking for a house, especially now that real estate Philippines is on its rampant development, is to start the hunt as early as possible and never wait for the time for properties to cost more in the future. She added that it’s better to choose a house that is pre-selling to save half of the price.

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