Integrity As a Foundation of Quality Realty Service

“But everyone has a chance. Every big guy started off small.” This is one of the inspiring thoughts left by the third-richest person in the Philippines Mr. John Gokongwei  Jr. who passed away last November 2019. He taught many businessmen, students and other citizens that success can be achieved through hard work, frugality, integrity, responsiveness to change, and most of all the boldness to dream. There will always be risks in accomplishing things bigger than oneself. The world has its way of running the process of winning and losing. However, one must not disregard the core purpose in reaching such dreams, and the value that fuels to move forward. 

Sharlyn Joy “Shey” Velasquez, is a 39 year old wife,  mother, and entrepreneur. She is a real estate broker, running their family’s consultancy firm and has a strong background in multimedia, marketing, and brand communications. Iloilo City and Davao City are the two key cities  where she practices her profession together with her husband Gabriel Velasquez, who is also a licensed real estate appraiser. Shey was one of the last two batches that took the brokerage exam in 2015.

The couple’s brokerage named Velasquez Realty, was established last 2018 two years after Shey being an independent broker and affiliating with other brokerage companies. It is an independent firm with the vision of becoming the preferred boutique realty in Visayas-Mindanao. According to Shey, they are a very young company and still setting up the business but they intend to go full blast this coming 2020.  Velasquez realty is also attached to their Business Consultancy. They cater the needs of their clients especially for commercial and residential properties.

Professionalism in real estate Philippines industry is one of the present concerns among realtors including Shey. “The market is too saturated with colorum agents,” she said.  Shey can even testify since she was a victim herself way back when she was just starting her career as a real estate broker. “In one brokerage companies that I was affiliated with, they took a chunk from my commission when, as a licensed broker I was entitled to 5% of the commission. The agreement was they get 1% and I get 5% (the total commission was 6%). When I checked the releasing of commissions, I found out they got almost 60% from the commission and I only got 40%,” Shey narrated. 

The mischief prompted Shey and his husband to form their own brokerage firm. “It doesn’t matter if we start slow, what is important is that it is founded in integrity,” she said.She in her 3rd year as a licensed broker is currently striving to provide  only the best for her clients. They envision their brokerage as to not only focused on selling properties but also offering 360 real estate service. 

As for Shey, there is more room for improvement in the industry particularly in truly professionalizing it. “I look forward to the day when we can practice the way they do in 1st World countries where brokers are really the ones mediating and transacting for the sellers and the buyers,” she added. Shey as someone who is also very familiar with marketing and advertising, approved that integrating both digital and traditional platforms would be much more effective and efficient. Shey has advice for anyone who wants to start a career in real estate: a strong background in sales is important; be teachable; and patience is a virtue. “Be in it for the long haul and not just for the money. A genuine desire to help others will sustain you through the challenges you will face in the industry,” she quoted.  

Breaking Barriers With A Humble Heart

Real Estate Broker Noel Fernandico from Cagayan de Oro, was an 11-year Credit Card Sale’s Agent affiliated with a multi-national bank. In 2011, he immersed into brokerage and took the opportunity to be part of the history as one of the first batches to take the Real Estate Broker board exam. The year after, he met two people who changed his life forever. One would be his future partner Joy Madrid and the other is a top-seller Salesperson Roel Cabantac who discussed to him a partnership in a realty firm. From that day on, Noel never thought they would end up as long-term friendships and great business allies. 

Noel is now affiliated with CDO Brokers and Associates, a brokerage that mainly focuses on subdivision project selling. He admits that he was one of a rookie Real Estate broker with two veteran colleagues when they started the business. But even with career timeline differences, Noel is happy to say that their company never established hierarchy. Brokers and agents are in the equal ground. “We are all friends working together to achieve our group and personal goals,” Noel said.

During the run of his realty profession, Noel realized that time is a limited resource. “No matter how one budget time, man only has 24 hrs ’till the next day comes. Where a broker has to deal with personal life together with professional demands, that 24 hrs may not be enough,” he explained. For him, it has been a constant fight of priorities and standing by his commitments. Noel accepts the possible circumstance of missed opportunities. However, he is still grateful to the technology advancement for it helps in lessening shortcomings. Online ads, for example, attracts customers even when realtors are asleep. 

For some, having a record-breaking sales could leave a mark in any realtor. For Noel, one devastating day in Cagayan de Oro called him for something more. CDO experienced the worst flood in their place’s history that took 2,000 lives. Amid its aftermath, a billion-worth flood control project was conceptualized, funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. During the planning phase, a JICA representative set a meeting with Noel to have him as a resource person in the said project. The discussion went primarily in dealing with affected families and establishments. Noel was glad that as a real estate practitioner, he was able to contribute to their community by seeing the project implementation while his suggestions were reflected basely in handling the afflicted residents.

As Noel’s journey as real estate broker paves until today, according to him real estate Philippines is still a working-progress when it comes to development. Although there are certainly plenty of opportunities in the industry. He believes that the momentos progress of the industry will come knocking right at the door anytime soon. The online technique is one way to push the potential market but Noel suggested that one has to be where people converge to be noticed. He is also starting his own website that will serve as a go-to site for the people in Cagayan de Oro for properties. 

CDO Brokers and Associates is known for A Brown Co. Inc. projects. Subdivisions in Butuan, Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental, and Cagayan de Oro are the main scope of their brokerage. The brokers and agents of CDO Brokers are like a specialist of ABCI projects, however, Noel said they give equal importance to other developers in the area.

Barber Turned Broker: To Harvest Success, One Must be Unstoppable

Each individual has their definition of success. May it be embodied through the fulfillment of building a family, personal attainment or developmental goal. However, victory does not come in a snap. There are several hurdles along the way that might give anyone reasons to back down. Despite the challenges, one must also face the things that make one to keep going.

A farmer, a barber, a driver, and now a real estate broker, anyone would have asked Gerardo Azures “Gerry” Bustamante of how he managed to surpass all the big rocks in his journey toward success. Gerry is the eldest of 4 siblings. Coming from an underprivileged family with no permanent address, he felt the weight of the world at an early age. He was just starting high school when life was in the worst state for Gerry’s household. His parents separated and their family was completely divided as he and his youngest brother lived with their father in Quezon Province and her other two sisters were with his mother in Lobo Batangas. The incident may have tested Gerry’s motivation in pursuing his dreams but the eagerness to accomplish school led him to move forward.

Gerry with his hard work and a brave heart did everything to sustain his education. He planted rice and hand-picked banana buds to earn money to support his schooling. He then finished high school and decided to take two college courses. Gerry took BS Marine Transportation in Philippine Merchant Marine School Las Pinas in 1995. His everyday routine was going to school from 7 am to 12 noon, 1 pm-7 pm he works as a barber and then drives a tricycle from 8 pm to 12 midnight. Some college students in his time would have enjoyed the rest of the day after school but for Gerry, every second that he earns counts more than any happy hour. 

In the year 2011, he took his second course, BS Computer Science at Colegio de Porta Vaga in Patindig Araw, Imus Cavite to qualify for a real estate broker licensure exam in 2014. “The barber became a real estate broker. Must it was proven that if there’s a will, there’s a way,” Gerry said. He is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Real Estate Brokers Cavite Chapter 2019 and also an upcoming Vice President for External Affairs for 2020.

Before he took the licensure exam in 2014, he started his pre-real estate career in 2006 at Profriends under the Daboss group headed by his loyal customer in barber shop Honesto Rodriquez. From being a Sale’s Agent, Unit Manager until he became the Branch Manager, the company has seen his passion and determination in selling properties. After he passed the exam to be a professional real estate broker, he eventually started his brokerage which he named BGA Realty in July of 2014. BGA Realty is into project selling focusing in Cavite. The brokerage company has its official website for buyers to access available listings online. 

As the head of BGA Realty, he always ensures that his team is dealing with clients with the best of their abilities for full satisfaction of their realty services and hopefully lead to more referrals. Gerry as a real estate broker admits that it has been a challenge in helping the implementation of the Real Estate Service Act (RESA) law to a vast number of colorum realtors. But even with the tough role he has now and the experiences he endured in his past, made him the best version of himself. Being a real estate broker brought a huge impact in his life, the people around him and the society he belongs to.

Gerry advised buyers to deal only with licensed professionals and invest now considering the positive growth of real estate Philippines. He would also like to encourage brokers, agents, and other realty practitioners to love the profession, build one’s brand name and most of all to comply with the law.

Keeping Up with Today’s Realty Market

The course of real estate selling is evolving each time. Significant changes are relied on to different factors like attracting the right buyers and present a property that will garner competitive offers. The traditional selling method goes only by how the salesperson convinces buyers of the place’ amenities and why the investment is worth it. Today, consumers are more in control of accessing and processing information that will lead them to make decisions on their own timelines and criteria. The modern way of selling turns out to be more engaging to buyers where sellers present solutions to problems they are facing. Technological resources brought the real estate Philippines industry lavished by connecting more people. It is a great medium for all brokers and agents to be at a constant pace.

Nicknamed as the City of Pines and considered as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, Baguio City has always been known and admired for its naturally beautiful landscape. Who would not want to live and indulge the city endowed with multitudes of historical, cultural, cool mountain weather and fascinating tourist attractions that makes it mysteriously interesting, profound and timeless? Like other developing cities in the Philippines, Baguio City is also progressing in the real estate industry. One of the city’s pride in realty brokerage is Gerardo “Geej” Masadao, a licensed real estate broker who ventured the business since the year 1991. When he was in college, Geej saw his mother who was an accountant at that time, was making more money in realty brokerage as a sideline. It inspired him to get into brokerage right from thereon.

Geej who was just a young gentleman followed his guts and started his own proprietorship in 1992. He named the brokerage ‘Pinescent Realty’ for people to remember that Baguio City once smelled like Pine. A dominant tree species in the city that reaching up to 30–35 m tall with a straight, cylindrical trunk. The bark is thick and dark brown, with deep longitudinal fissures.

Pinescent Realty started in 1992 when unfortunately it did not pull off at first, since it was after the strong earthquake that lashed the city. But just like a strong tree that managed to survive, the brokerage was then officially established in 1994 when Geej sold a property to one of the leading real estate companies in the country, Ayala Land, Inc. for their first project in Baguio City. His single proprietorship caters to different real estate brokerages but as for Geej, he is more on the middle to higher-end bracket properties. Real estate brokers  have their own strength that makes their brokerages stand out to buyers. For Geej, he believes that integrity should come with efficiency. Being a real estate broker, meeting different types of clients served him many good friends. He even added that his customers who are now his comrades, know his family members as well. “I do not treat them as some ‘money-making machines’ and I never do pressure selling at all,” Geej said. His principle in handling his clients with honesty led him to mark his first big leaps in the business. Aside from closing a sale with Ayala Land, Inc. at a young age, he was also the National Director (2002) and Vice-President for Luzon (2003) in their league of the Philippine Association of Realtors Boards, Inc. (PAREB).

Twenty-eight years in the real estate industry, Geej must have mastered the different approaches and techniques in property selling but he himself acknowledged that today’s greatest challenge is the younger competitors who are more tech-savvy and good maneuvers of the most used medium in this generation, the internet. Geej observed that almost all buyers now are turning online for properties. He also added that young realtors today can easily build a network compared to his time when he had to initiate rapport with a lot of people. Geej conferred that the market has practically been superb through the years thus, brokers knowing the latest trends and future developments in the different localities would be a great advantage in guiding clients properly with their investments. Networking through co-brokers and realty associations, promotional aids, webpages, and social media particularly Facebook are the means where realtors can keep up in the current climate of the market.

Having a realty career motivates Geej to always be a good steward in life. Getting to  know people and visiting places are his main fulfillment in his job. His advice for buyers, sellers, and fellow brokers to cautiously choose reputable people when it comes to making deals to protect one’s investments. “Buyer, seller or co-broker. Any of those mentioned can cheat you if you are not careful,” Geej’s friendly reminder.

Mastering the Art of Sales

The non-fiction book written by Malcolm Gladwell entitled ‘The Story of Success’ repeatedly mentions the “10,000-hours rule” claiming that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill is by practicing the craft for literally about 10,000 hours. However, this is considered as one hot debate for many have doubts and disagreements of such claim. In the real estate industry, there is more to the business than selling properties again and again. Sales are not just a barter of money and the unit nor meeting a quota, it also includes the realtors’ in-depth values in offering services to the clients before and after the deal closes. It is a kind of character-building that lasts more than 10,000 hours.

Once a college student who sells beauty and health products to her schoolmates, Gina Navarro never dreamed of upscaling her little selling business to bigger valuables like properties especially she perceived real estate as a tough trade and she did not see herself having a realty career, to begin with. She is a graduate of Business Administration Major in Marketing Management, she then worked at a net communication company as an Account Officer for a year and a half. Later on, one of her friends encouraged her to apply to a real estate developer. Having no idea what fate holds for her, all Gina wanted that time was a new working environment to start over. It eventually went clear, when she was hired as a Direct Marketing Officer of Camella Homes Cebu. Gina knew from there on, that was the start of her real estate career whom she never expected to happen. 

Her newly found venture served as her training ground as to how real estate comes at play in the business. The first run may have been deviating for Gina but the company assured she never missed a thing in each step. “At first, I thought I can’t survive. I find it difficult. The interactions of the clients, quotas and a lot of rejections. With the help of my Sales’ head and colleagues, I was able to learn the techniques in selling and master the basics from inquiry to closing,” she narrated. Indeed one can determine if it is the right company when everybody in the workplace is trying to help you than integrating toxic competition. For three years, Gina has been practicing her skills incorporated with techniques she learned from her experiences in the field.

The year 2016, she passed the brokerage exam. For almost seven years in the real estate industry, Gina finds love in serving her clients’ needs and seeing them happy as she walks them to their suitable properties. The job gives her a sense of fulfillment. In the present, being a professional licensed Real Estate Broker, she is affiliated with Orion’s Gate Realty. A brokerage company started in 2015 when the lead broker and sole proprietor of the realty Aldren D. Ditan, passed the brokerage exam. During the same year, he registered the company. At that time, Gina was his Real Estate Salesperson. “We were only a few people who started in the company, we find it hard at first since the company was still establishing, we’re on our 4th year and thank God the company is growing and we hit our targets,” Gina said. She added that the company is always welcome to all sellers who want to be part of the team. 

Orion Gate Realty got its name from a constellation which indicates the hunter in Greek mythology. Gina shared that this serves as their company’s spiritual chant in seeking many closed deals with excellent customer service and to provide solutions to all home seekers. Living the name and principles of the team, they are willing to train real estate professionals and help them achieve their personal goals. “We are a company you can trust, we are transparent especially when it comes to giving a commission. Our company makes sure that all sales agents are given a fair share because that’s what they deserve. We offer a higher commission rate to all full-time agents compared to other brokerage firms, the company provides marketing support during mall exhibits and site man,” Gina explained the benefits of being part of OGR. 

Being a real estate broker, dealing with diverse personalities has always been one of Gina’s challenges. “You can’t choose your clients”, Gina stated. Despite the hurdle, she said realty service entails an understanding of the client’s needs, solves their problems and delivers a thorough excellent professional help. Managing time to call for clients’ feedback, securing all the necessary details even with zero response, being updated of all upcoming projects that will rise in Cebu City are also part of the hustle. Quite a handful but these will keep clients satisfied and flare referrals. 

Gina considers the real estate industry as one of the toughest jobs but a rewarding one. Harking back to one of her most unforgettable experiences as a real estate broker, she learned that the client’s trust is the chief factor in the business when a prospective buyer decided to reserve the unit even if the mother was not approved of the property merely because it’s located uphill. With the purpose and sincerity in her job, Gina explained in her very best the complete house details and the amenities. Still, the client’s mother insisted not to pursue the reservation. In spite of the contradiction, the buyer chose to believe in Gina and called her to push through with the reservation. “When she saw the actual house and location, she was happy with the property she invested,” Gina said.

The rising brokerage firms in the real estate Philippines opened opportunities for people like Gina, to develop the passion and interest in selling estates. “Many successful sellers who gain much in this business and able to invest also on their properties. A lot of inventories to sell especially today many developers open vertical and horizontal projects in the market,” she explained. Gina encourages everyone to invest in Cebu real estate as it is one of the fast-growing cities in the Philippines. She also pointed out how the tourist influx contributes to the property marketers and the whole economy. Gina shared her pieces of advice to sellers and buyers. According to her, one must be vigilant of the scams crawling in the industry. Since buying a property is a longtime commitment, it involves a big amount of money and one must only trust licensed real estate professionals. For the sellers, brokers, and agents, Gina wants to fortify the inspiration to never mind the rejections and obstacles along the journey. “Dream big and believe in yourself. Success will follow,” Gina quoted. 

Trust Only Real Professional Advice

The Republic Act (RA) No. 9646 otherwise known as The Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines” or the ‘the RESA law” was signed into law on June 2, 2015, as a measure to regulate and professionalize real estate industry practices in the Philippines. Notwithstanding the purpose of it to maintain firm and legal real estate transactions, there are still many individuals who violate the law and into rampant unlicensed realty practices all over the country. The Philippine Association of Real Estate Board is operating an initiative to legitimize the practice of unlicensed real estate agents. PAREB National Director and Vice President of Visayas called on unlicensed realtors to come to registered broker organizations to be accredited. 

Real estate broker Jonathan Filoteo, is one with the main goal of PAREB in regulating legalities for real estate professions. As a professional licensed realtor himself, he believes that end-users deserve a piece of quality real estate advice and guidance when it comes to properties. Jonathan is a graduate of BS Business Administration Double Major in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship. He is now a licensed real estate broker and appraiser by profession. Apart from that, he also makes time for his hobbies in travel blogging and reading books mostly on self-development, finance, and economics. 

Jonathan is affiliated with Land Asia Realty & Development Corp., a multi-awarded real estate brokerage firm that has been in business for 27 years and one of the pioneering real estate brokerage firms in Cebu that mostly specializes in residential and commercial real estate. LARDC has thousands of real estate agents working for them throughout different places. Established in 1992 by Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Marissa Inting, Chairman and President of the firm, over the years they have expanded operations in other cities and countries. They are also partners with almost every developer in the Philippines. Jonathan shared that their business culture, professionalism, supportive company owners who know how to develop leaders and take care of their people are the things the corporation is greatly proud of. 

Hard work and dedication bare Jonathan fruits of success as he won several awards just a year after he got his license as a real estate broker. He bagged Real Estate Broker of the Year Award in 2013 during the LARDC’s firm anniversary. Primary Homes Inc. also awarded him as 1st Runner Up Annual Category Agent Division, 1st Top Agent Quarterly Category, 4Q Best Subdivision Seller, Rising Star Award and other incentives such as travel opportunities, gadgets, cash, etc. Jonathan pointed out that brokers and agents today are getting their listing efficient through the platforms available now on websites and social media.

With the new techniques and schemes in helping buyers and sellers, Jonathan said that the challenge of the competition with non-licensed real estate practitioners is not going anywhere. He initiates the RA 9646 law which every realtor should bear in mind when doing business in the real estate industry. The law aims to professionalize real estate professionals under the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). “There are still thousands of unlicensed practitioners. These people do not have the proper knowledge and training as we do and many sellers and buyers still deal with them because they are also uninformed,” said Jonathan. He further explained that many real estate professional organizations aim to stop this illegal practice for the industry to be properly and strictly regulated. Part of his concerns to be addressed, is for buyers and sellers to be educated as well in dealing with licensed real estate professionals only.

Jonathan’s insight on real estate Philippines is quite promising. As for him, the weather for the reality in the country is doing just fine but he suggested that it can be better with more refinement and regulation among agents who are still not accredited under the PRC. His one advice to all clients is to be vigilant in dealing with realtors. “Only deal with licensed real estate brokers. It’s their job and they got the proper training. It’s the same logic when you are sick and need surgery, are you going to a quack doctor or a real doctor?” Jonathan said. After all, being a real estate professional is not just about selling real properties. “It’s giving real professional advice for the best interest of both buyers and sellers and to ensure that all parties meet at a fair level and everybody is protected under the law.”he added.

Foreseeing A Bright Future with Cebu Real Estate

While Cebu is known for its abundance of natural breathtaking landscapes since Circa time, the city never fails to make local and tourists fall in love in the  place even until today. If people fly to experience the beauty of Sugbo in a planned itinerary, now they would actually want to live here and start a family. The need for residential and industrial holdings are still rising and developers see the opportunity to aid the real estate  backlogs. As can be seen with the rampant growth of Cebu real estate as national developers from Luzon and Mindanao join the residential development. From townhouses, office units to regular housing rentals, the Queen City of the South’s property market is not slowing down any sooner. 

A report from Cebu Daily News, Inquirer Net states that the number of skyscrapers dotting Metro Cebu skyline is not enough and this led real estate industry experts to continue to see a surge in Cebu’s burgeoning property sector. In a press conference discussion last year, representatives of the firm presented an outlook of Metro Cebu’s real estate market with its office stock projected to grow by 47 percent between 2018-2020.“The growth of Cebu’s property sector this year solidifies the metropolis’ position as the leading investment destination in the Philippines outside Metro Manila. With a strong economy, a large pool of talent and new infrastructure in place, Cebu is well on its way to becoming a global city,” said Rick Santos, chairman and CEO of Santos Knight Frank.

One of the realtors who witnessed Cebu’s growth in the said industry is Dexter Lim, a focused and determined real estate broker. He’s been a Sales Executive Real Estate Agent for 20 years in parts of Visayas and Mindanao. Dexter had the chance to see the market situation as a whole as he is mostly dealing with big areas in different cities. His journey landed him to his first job where he was hired by a great company with a good compensation and commission.

Started as an agent, he first tried his luck in selling assets to his nearby family and friends. The chance did not fail him, his success continued, and got his sales in 2016 of November. He does not work with a brokerage, but although he works alone, he has contacts of sub-agents that are also freelancers whom he can call every time he needs other hands to manage his listings. His main focus in Cebu are raw lots for developments. On top of this he also deals with industrial, residential,  and commercial properties.

Dexter despite the challenges of being a realtor is standing by his promise in doing the best that he can to deliver satisfying services to his clients before and after-sales. He is also strengthened by his abilities, passion, and experience to do what he loves. His milestones geared him to perform well in the business. Believing in oneself, hard work, discipline and faith in God armed him in his profession. He admits that his family has been his main motivation in every endeavor. 

The real estate broker shared that there are platforms today that help realtors in their listings and property selling. One of which he can recommend is FlatX PH, a developing website for easier access on property markets most especially in Cebu. “ This website is registered and can be seen in the whole world. This is the best site in finding properties,” he said. He advises buyers and sellers to check out FlatX for a reliable avenue for property listing. He assures anyone that needs a realty service to count on him anytime, anywhere.

When looking for lots for sale, Dexter has one tip to share. One must be specific in all details what one is exactly prefers for brokers to help in finding lots that is suitable for the purchaser. 

As Dexter strived for his profession, he then saw the potential of real estate’s rapid development and the booming gross index of Tourism in Cebu. The real estate broker predicts that in 2025, Cebu will be one of the top 3 must-visit cities in the world. Dexter with his outlook, is earnestly selling properties in a land where he believes the future of the Philippines lies.

Innate Artist Turned Realtor

In the  world of real estate, careers like brokers, agents, developers and other work forces are the main key players of housing and property realm. These  individuals are known for their skills in client management, project coordination and intensive vision in providing high quality services to be extended for the end users’ needs. While being on the spot of making a living in real estate, one may have wondered what were their aspirations before taking a step in the industry, do they usually hold certain papers full of listings or blue prints? Or somehow those hands once dribbling a ball eyeing for a champ shot, perhaps holding a kitchen knife for a gourmet afternoon or simply writing words, not for a lease agreement but for those who see the same sky at night.

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Cebu Normal University, Je Ycong has always been passionate about writing, be it in journalism, a poem, a travel blog, or anything under the sun. He was even into filmmaking during his school years. Je being an innate artist, is also a visionary person who monitors his progress and make sure it’s happening in the first place.

The colorful-spirited lad belongs to a family of real estate practitioners, where one of his siblings has been in the industry since 2012. Quite far from what he first loved to do, Je then was taught the idea of putting his career in the field of realty. “I never really saw it coming. The 15 year old me didn’t see myself working in this business in 6 years time, nor the 9 year old me. I never did really have it all figured out. I have really wanted to be a  journalist, I studied to be a journalist, I aspired to be a journalist,”Je narrated. He said that reality check, start-ups in the media do not get paid big time and usually end up needing the support to someone to fend to. It was then an unfortunate realization that  led Je to enter the business fully in a wide open door. His hype intensified when he was just in revel, a few months after graduation when his sister asked him to make her a website and to be the social media manager of the pages. While working, Je saw the rampant profit in the real estate business because of the overwhelming demand of properties. Right from where he was seated, he knew he should not let the opportunity slide. 

Je is part of GGM Real Estate Developer that has been running for two years and a half now. GGM  recognized as developer-dealer, sells and develops subdivision lots in many parts of Cebu. The company materializes units with amenities and gives freedom to the buyers to construct their own home at their own time and effort. Compared to house and lots, and condos, GGM observed that commercial, beach, and residential lots although more expensive have greater value since they have more potential for market price appreciation in the future. According to the young realtor, one does not need to be extremely rich to invest in real estate. The company makes it available and affordable for minimum wage earners.

Being twice to thrice younger than his clients, Je is quite challenged in building his credibility. With the possible hazards in the business world, real estate is not an exemption to scams, frauds, deception and more.  There are even clients who are hesitant to first timers. “Truth to be told, it’s easier for older people to build credibility with their many collected experiences in the past years. When you’re young, you’re easily recognized as a startup, a neophyte who is still learning the ropes,” said Je. He is currently catching up the pulse in the industry and learning more to improve the quality of his service. 

Handling clients for Je are one of the highlights he can never forget when it comes to testing his ground. “Today you have the kindest and the most understanding client and tomorrow you’ll be facing the exact opposite. You can never be prepared sometimes and you learn patience the hard way,” Je quoted. As for him, one can certainly experience the best and worst extent of human behavior.

Investments ensure the present and future long-term financial security. For someone who is in-the-know of real estate schemes, Je is a firm believer that investing one’s money in properties is a strategy one must consider. “Most banks have 0.25% per annum while properties can get twice as expensive in a matter of one year”, he explained. Real estate Philippines has a high demand for properties and rentals which makes the industry as one of the most productive businesses for quite some time now. As the value of properties increases higher each year, all buyers and sellers alike need to invest at the earliest time possible, Je stressed. He further added that buying land is a lifetime investment that family generations can inherit in the future. “It’s the only product that outlives us all,” says Je. 

That ‘perfect time’ to buy a house might have been blown 10 years ago but no one had the chance to travel back in the past, all one has is the present. He encourages buyers to invest in real estate with due diligence in choosing property, while one still has the capacity. As for his co-sellers, one must learn to practice patience and persistence in the realty business, after all, this field is as tough as the other paths in the world. It will also be best to choose developers who can materialize their projects. Along with it, good sportsmanship as for Je is one of the essentials in building a name in the industry. Facing the same struggles should build a culture of empathy rather than imposing the crab mentality. “Don’t trade trust over money, you have to start building credibility and everything else will follow,” he said. 

As the years go by, more and more property developments will pave its way to a progressive real estate Philippines. This also means more career opportunities for those who aim to develop their growth in the field. The young realtor has advice to the future real estate career-driven individuals. Fulfillment is far beyond the best thing one can gain more than the monetary aspect, building connections, friendships and business partnerships that no amount of penny can devalue. Real estate is a bright future where the sea of opportunities awaits. Je back then never knew where he will be today. Maybe art was never a shift, it may have been always there inside him, but just in another form. “If real estate has given you a spark inside then GO FOR IT,” said Je.

A Housewife turned Real Estate Agent finds light in Real Estate Industry

A mother is considered as the light of the family. She makes sure her children eat three times a day, wears them clothes and helps them prepare for school. She is also a wife. Supports his husband in striving for the family living, and being a life partner through sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. But before having the fulfillment of building a family, she is also an individual who aims for career growth and personal contentment. Holding two lines at the same time may be unbearable, but how one could manage both in a handful of strengths? Maybe because, not all heroes wear a cape, some are wearing an apron while selling houses even.

From the “Sugat Capital of the South” Minglanilla, Cebu, Corazon dela Peña, married and a mother of six children, is a property consultant and a realty agent at Mavildu Reality for 6 years. Mavildu Realty Cebu is a company that focuses on providing services to clients who are looking for residential and commercial properties and also extending marketing services to local homebuyers and investors. The team’s professional and friendly agents have been helping people since February of 2014. Mavildu caters to their clients’ diverse needs, from buying or renting homes to selling properties. Sensitivity to the marketplace hypes the company’s primary perspective which for them, “Cebu is more than just a market, it’s our home”.

Corazon is a consistent awardee of Mavildu Top 10 Excellent Realty Agents. Receiving such an award is the fruit of all her hard work in reaching sales quota and dealing with clients with different attitudes. “Mga clients nga lain-lain ug kinaiya need gyud ug patience,” said Corazon. Indeed not every client is a sugar plum, there will always be a taste of different flavors in doing business. Surely Corazon deserved the bacon by handling them all well. Corazon said that she chose this field since she finds delight in helping people find their home and also the kicks of selling. Being a real agent is not as light as a feather but she enjoys dealing with different kinds of people and going places with various projects. Corazon in her first months in the industry was able to sell a house and lot worth 7 million. 

Real estate brokers and agents now, are into diverse and dynamic marketing strategies to catch up with the latest trends in property selling. Corazon apperceives the competition in the business within her co-sellers and other brokerages that grow in numbers in just one sleep. She noticed the effectiveness of an online platform for listings and potential client huntings. However, whatever the medium is being used, agents should know their own strategy and stick to it to provide high-quality service. She also added that sellers must be an expert to the properties one is putting in the market, at the end of the run, trust must be established.

The responsibilities of a realty salesperson are just on one side of her shoulder, because above all, with the snowball-like demands from her job, she also has to manage her duties as a mother and a wife. “It is a constant fight against stress when you try to balance your time, as a realtor, a mother, and a wife too. But having 6 children to take care of shouldn’t stop me from getting the career I want. If you can get the best of both worlds? then why not,” said the realtor mom. For Corazon, juggling both tasks is possible especially if one sees the fulfillment it gages one after the other. According to her, all one should do is to determine one’s priorities, have patience in the process, and adjust expectations. Knowing what comes first is one of the main tips on the road to becoming a great realtor and the best mom to one’s children.

Gleene Irish dela Peña, the eldest among six children of Corazon appreciates her mother’s un-ending hard work for their family. “She’s vocal about having quite a hard time balancing her work as an agent and as a parent. Real Estate agents’ time of work is really demanding since they don’t usually handle their schedules rather they are mostly dependent on their clients. Nonetheless, her hard work and dedication made her an effective agent and at the same time a great mother,” said Irish. She understands the maze of the realty world that sometimes time is not under her control but despite that, her mother is always hands on to the family.

Corazon’s humble advice to families who are still looking for a house, especially now that real estate Philippines is on its rampant development, is to start the hunt as early as possible and never wait for the time for properties to cost more in the future. She added that it’s better to choose a house that is pre-selling to save half of the price.

Opening New Doors Where Passion & Growth Prevails

Doing what one loves, spurs happiness within the self but finding that sense of satisfaction in working career may not be just a walk in the park. There is this quote that represents the idea, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” with everything it clearly presents, this is the excitement of waking up in the morning to head to one’s office with zero annoyance of long line for coffee and skin to skin commuting. Sacrifices and risks may not be avoidable but there is nothing more courageous of a person who fights for what one truly desires. 

Mark Anthony David is a real estate agent who first gambled in the industry in June 2018. He jumped his way to property-selling while he was hustling in his full-time job. “Real estate is my part-time job but is earning more than my full-time work,” Mark revealed. Although the profit overwhelms him, he said that this is not the only reason why he will completely shift soon to real estate. He fell in love in the industry and found happiness in his developed passion. While waiting for his Pag-IBIG housing loan, Mark decided to stay in his current employment in the meantime.

Like most people who wander about certain paths, Mark also experienced questioning himself. “There were times I had asked myself is my current job works for me? Is this where I should be? What is there that I should see, where I can grow as my real self, my real passion?” these tough wringers in his head walked him out of the bubble and fortunately a friend break out his thoughts in considering a real estate career. Mark then tried his card with Bachelors’ Realty and Brokerage which is mediated as one of the realty firms that applies modern techniques of client hunting, prospecting, a new approach of selling properties, having a good vision to its networks, clients and according to Mark, treating each one of the members as family. Started in 2013, BRB is also known for providing detailed and informative ways of moving properties for better realty services.

Fortune was on Mark’s side when he closed his first sale just 3 days after he joined the real estate orientation. His start-up did not seem to be a soft stamp but rather a supersonic trailing its road to fruitful gain. Mark felt the unity and harmony of BRB, where everyone is helping one another. He then proudly shared the group’s cheer and this is called #teambachelors. The enthusiasm motivated Mark to continue his newly found place in the real estate industry. Mark also added that he is working his way to be an official realty broker soon.

With the sweet victory, he is blessed to indulge in, some challenges test Mark’s scale in his knack. “I could say that my greatest challenge now is the growing population of the People in the Market,” said Mark. Accedes him, day by day his competitors are multiplied in numbers. The business world as one knows it, hunters for trade development is unstoppable. Mark eyeing for market survival always asks himself on how to be on top of the line knowing he is still making a name in the mob. The eagerness led him to learn more about the skin-deep of real estate in terms of sales quantity and the techniques in increasing one’s prospects, potential clients and closed deals.

Hard as it gets, Mark never felt that he runs out of fuel in achieving more, especially when he received his first paycheck. Mark quoted to it as ‘remarkably insane’. He could not believe his eyes off from how much he was earning. Plus, it was just only an incentive coming from his first sale. The real estate agent shared that for 2 years with as much as the experience he got, he learned that it is harder to find buyers for condominium brokerage properties than of the house & lot and townhouses. Mark does not have much focus on brokerage, as he prefers selling projects. Furthermore, most population of buyers in brokerage is looking for a house and lot, and commercial buildings.

Mark’s advice for his co-sellers, is to not be envious with the success of one’s colleague. One must keep going and learn to know what is the best approach one should do to in appointments and most of all sensitivity in handling clients. 

The Philippines, specifically Cebu have abundance in developments undeniably. For a real estate agent like Mark, the progress aligns with the needs of the country’s people. Mark in his facebook post he cited, “Buildings in Cebu are like mushrooms, the next morning you will see, there is another one popping up.”

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